Month 1
Saturday, October 1, 2016 11:00 PM 3 pink panda(s)

Hi pipolsssss!

Jenggggg, my life was a messed AHAHAHA.

On the first week, we were already started our lectures. But it's kinda a normal thing for me because during matriculation, we also did the same. But on the second week, we were being prepared with the tutorials and lab reports. Wahhh this is killing me a lot ahahaha. Not only that, the lecturers gave us quizzes on the third week, and I was like... God this is so fast, I don't even know if my answers are correct or not, but the only thing that I want is everything was going very well. The lecturer told us that some of us did very well, but the rest was kinda...bad. Yeah I know everyone just gonna hope that they were in the 'well' group. lol me too actually.

And the funny thing is, I am always the lost child. What did I mean here is I always lost my way to go somewhere haha! Like... I want to go to the library but I waited the bus at the wrong side, so I ended up at the wrong place. I also rode the wrong bus omg lol actually I want to go to my hostel which is Kolej Kediaman E, but I rode the wrong bus which is go to the 1Borneo, and I was like what the hell am I doing here hahaha. I was going to tell the driver, but suddenly one of the student who lost like me got scolded and I....was so afraid, and finally I went to the 1Borneo with no purpose lol.

Being a chemistry student is really tough for me. There is so many works, assignments, there is three to four lab reports a week, quizzes everywhere and the schedule is kinda packed after added a lot of tutorials and replacements classes wahhh. And actually I was very late registering my subjects and finally I chose the subject that I don't liked. Wahhh I'm so scared because the lecturer likes to ask randomly and the questions were VERY WEIRD and I also don't understand it at all. It's like he asked about 'does God exists?', 'does Allah exist?', 'where is actually human being form?', like whattttt everything was explained in the Quran, Bible and other scientific books, but he said he won't accept that kind of answers, and the only thing that I want is 'let's finish this class as soon as possible' ahahaha!

Another thing that makes me more shocked is we finished 4 chapters of organic chemistry in 3 weeks like whatttttt this is so crazy, this is so fast ahahaha! And I feel like I don't know anything in physical chemistry since the lecturer didn't give us the slides and I don't have enough money to buy the references book haha yeah I'm waiting for the PTPTN lol. Okay that's all for today. I'm so tired because I'm just back from a club meeting. Go to sleep dear me, we have a lot to do tomorrow. Annyeong!

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