First Week
Saturday, September 3, 2016 9:50 AM 6 pink panda(s)

Hello everyone!

It's already a week I'm here 😊

Basically we finished our orientation last thursday and guess what? Our orientation was only for three days! Yeah it's tired af but still fun (haha lol just kidding) Not really, not everyone likes orientation. Including me haha!

First day of orientation

Last day of orientation

I didn't manage to take a look at everything here especially the spesific places because no time to walk lol. Too tired and wanna sleep only 😋

But I can show you guys how was my room looks like. Actually they're already changed every stuff in the room to the new one especially the locker, bed and study table. I think it is quite satisfying! I love the colour very much omg. It's kinda like blue pastel or baby blue idk lol but it's nice to see and stare at the colour.

Tadaaa! My bed is at the bottom. Oh I forgot to tell you
guys that UMS didn't provide the pillow, so we have
to bring the pillow by ourselves.

The locker! 

sorry for the camera quality because not
rich to buy an expensive one lol

Before they provide the chair

I chose the table that close to the socket, yeah also the bed
because I'm greedy haha!

But the most important thing that I liked the most, most, most ahahaha is the wifi!OMG super cool and super fast! I cried TT^TT This is the wonderful thing that I'm excited about because during matriculation the wifi is SO BAD like wth only girls in the block A can connect to it. But in UMS, everyone can connect to the wifi lol eventhough me myself who stayed in level 4 of B1 was happy as heaven XD Oh yeah I got the room which is the highest level in B1, and B1 is the most far block from the cafe and the room is smaller than other room but 'it's okay it's love' because only in year 1 I have to stay here 😗 Okay, that's all for today. Got to go! Annyeong~

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