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Hello guys! So, what's trending today? ITS BOOM BAYAHHHH! HAHAHA just kidding. Oh yeah I know that BlackPink is already debut and their songs and music videos are really awesome! Upsss, why did I talk about this? lol btw I like Whistle better than Boom Bayah. Oh actually both of the songs are good 😊 Shhh, my bias is Lisa!

Okay, back to the topic. UPU result was also trending between Matriculation and STPM students! Guess what, I got accepted by two universities which are UMS and USM! Oh yeah UM rejected me, also UKM haha! Actually I did an interview for UKM on last June for Science Forensic course but I didn't get accepted. Bahhh maybe it is because its my first interview. I was really nervous that time.

I'm happy but still feel frustrated. I'm happy that I got accepted, but feel regretted because didn't get what I want. By the way, I REALLY HATE FOR HAVING TWO OPTIONS! But doesn't mean I wasn't grateful with what I got. It is just giving me hard time to choose two different things. So, I am in a dilemma. Again. My first one was after my UPU result for SPM, where I was getting very confused whether to choose Matriculation or Asasi. And here I am again, stuck with UMS and USM.

Oh I forgot to tell you that the course I got for both universities are the same, so the different is the location. UMS is kinda near with my house (I think), and I got USM in Penang. My dad was suggesting me to choose UMS because he said it is easy to manage everything(if I forgot anything to bring or something urgent), plus most of my college friends also got accepted by UMS. While my mom suggested me to go to USM, which is near with my cousin's university and everyone said I can get a better job if I go there and success with flying colours.

My desire said that I have to choose USM. However, I had this kind of fear, where I read about USM system somewhere. They said the system is really different(high level) from other universities, since USM is the TOP3 universities in Malaysia. Students who got 3.75 and above can't get a pointer above 3.00. So, I was really nervous about this because I am not a good student lol, I mean yeah my average pointer is only 3.5+ so it affected me. AND MY ENGLISH IS REALLY BAD. I can't talk 'normally' when it comes to speak with friends, lecturers and the audiences. Ah, I have a very extremely nervous syndrome lol. In addition, I also heard the rumors about Sabahan students got bullied if they studied in Semenanjung. I have never been there, so this is one of my problem too haha! Actually one of my senior faced it before, until she decided not to continue her studies there.

I just hope the rumors are not true haha! And I hope I can find someone here who got the same university as me 😉 If you guys have any suggestion, please tell me, I would love to hear that!

And lastly, HAPPY BITRHDAY MOM! Thank you for always taking a good care of me even though I was so naughty and stubborn. I wish you will always healthy and doing happy things in your life. I love you! 💖

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