Letter To Self
Wednesday, August 24, 2016 11:03 PM 1 pink panda(s)

Dear Self,

Be confident. Stop getting nervous. Make sure you can talk properly with other people. Be friendly. Stop showing your bad side to other people and stop playing around. Stop doing stupid things and focus more on your future. Be confident with everything you do. Pay back everything that had past. So people won’t look down on you.

Be brave and be responsible. When something is going wrong, make sure you apologize. Stop lying to other people because it just makes you look worst and everyone will look bad on you. Apologize and be better in the future. If you were right, prove that to other people. Find some evidences to make it stronger.

Study harder. Be knowledgeable. Stop being stupid and act like you know everthing. Learn more because you know it’s freaking horrible when you don’t know anything. Study harder than what you did before. Everything will paid off after you are success.

Be independent. Stop nagging with your friends or parents. Do the things by yourself. Ask people if you don’t know how to do. Don’t make some stupid acts alone without asking. It just makes yourself in trouble.

Stop following strangers. Don’t talk with strangers because it’s really dangerous. Make sure if you go somewhere, tell other people that you trusted. So, it wouldn’t make them and yourself panic.

Stop finding love. Having a crush is okay but don't think about having a relationship. I know you can't handle that thing because you never serious in having a relationship. Your first relationship was 6 years ago and you're still immature that time. You just know how to have fun and break people's hearts. Just stop. You will find the right one soon, at the right time. So please stop thinking about it.
I know that you had been through a lot of difficulties. You also chose a wrong path. Make it as a lesson. After this, you should stop taking everything easily. Make sure you think wisely before choose, before doing anything. Stop fooling yourself. Trust the path that Allah gave you. Don’t change it. Believing in yourself that everything you do is worth in the end.

Have enough sleep and spend time wisely. Wake up early and sleep early. Make sure you sleep five to seven hours daily. Don’t waste your time with watching movies or surfing internet. You can do those things, but don’t do it too much. Set your mind that you can do better if you spend your time with something useful. Sleep is important because it makes you feel healthier and you know that you shouldn’t feel asleep again during lectures.

Stop wasting money. Make sure you plan what you gonna buy soon. Do some plans. Buy the important things only. Make sure you do survey before buying. Compare the prices and calculate the amount of money you have to pay. The cheaper is it, the better. Stop looking at the brands. You know you ain’t rich lol.

Dieting. Stop eating a lot. Stop eating instant foods. Stop eating in the midnight. Eat once daily doesn’t make you die though. But make sure drink a lot of water. I know that don’t like to drink a lot of water but a least consider the amount of foods that you eat. Plus, actually you can reduce the amount of money that you use.

Stop feeling homesick. It doesn’t mean you can’t back to home, right? Focus more on your studies and believe that your family want you to be success and bring a lot of happiness. Forget the homesickness and enjoy your life as a university student. You still have a lot to go through. Friends, studies, activities, carnivals, travelling, just enjoy everything while you’re still young.

Dear Self,

I wish you will become a better person in the future. I wish you will have a good grades and good jobs. I wish that you can make yourself and the world happier. I wish that everyone around you will feel very proud on you. I wish that you can prove that everyone is wrong. Prove that you can do better. I wish it will be proven one day. Stop wishing, but dream big. Fighting!

Sincerely, Previous You.

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