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Hi there! It's been two months I didn't write anything here.


That's the word that can express my feeling right now. I'm officially an ex-matriculation student! Waw that sounds like the matriculation life was too horrible for me haha. Anyway, it's not like that at all. Eventhough I faced a lot of difficulties, but actually I created many memories there. The sweet one, the sad one, the terrible one, yeah who knows that would be keeping in my mind.

And now, I'm being bored again for 5 months, waiting for my PSPM2 result to come out, and then waiting for my UPU result, which is telling me which university that I will get soon.

I AM SUPER BORED RIGHT NOW. I spent my days by watching korean dramas and english movies. Mehhh currently I already finished watching 'The Girl Who Sees Smells" because I haven't watched it in television and it was aired when I was in matriculation. So I take this chance to watch it but I still don't understand why the series killer, Chef Kwon killed other people. I really wanna to know about his past, how does his life looks alike when he was young. I searched the webtoon for this drama but eyyy it was all in hangul. I can read it but I don't understand lol!

Whatever. Now, I think I'm gonna continue with Harry Potter movies started from the first movies to the end yeah! Draco is cute to be honest haha but only when he was young lol.

Hm enough with that. Actually, I feel like I'm gonna start to write my fanfics back. I don't want to make my readers keep await with my updates. Poor them, waiting for my updates, for 10 months because I need to focus for my studies in matriculation first. But now I'm free. I will finish the stories before I continue my studies on September. I wish I will get a good university soon, and get the course that I want yeay! Hm that's all I want to talk to. It's already 1 am. But I don't know what to do. I'm bored haha. I just finished reading my horror novel called 'Hospital', but afraid to continue to read the next novel because everytime I want to read it, I feel like someone was watching me. Eh, that's creepy. I think I'm talking too much here and out of topic bahaha. I'm gonna moved to the next post lol. Click here to see my list of fanfics.

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