Parents Hater
Thursday, November 19, 2015 10:03 AM 4 pink panda(s)

Do you love your parents? Or do you hate them? Why?

Sometimes you feel that something wrong happened in your life was caused by your parents. You feel that there is a voice in your head saying "this is my parents' fault!" "why did my parents give birth of me?!" "If they didn't" but trust me there is always some demons who keep telling you something bad about other people especially your parents.

There is no parents who hate their own daughters and sons. Because they are still taking a good care of you, asking if you are okay or not, giving you money when you are in need, give you a good news of their healthiness even they are not. You should feel great with what your parents give to you. Appreciate their hard work for taking care of you. And feel thankful with everything that God gave to you.

Sometimes I felt that my mom does not care about me, my dad does not care about me. But they aren't. They actually care about me, they love me like the way they love my sister and brother. But they might be a little bit busy for some works to be done. That is why they do not have time to spend with me and siblings. :D 

I'm gonna back to the hostel only in a few days and starting my second semester on Monday. Gosh this gives me goosebumps! I kept dreaming about my friends and classmates and seems that I missed them so much, maybe :P Mom is really taking a good care of me. She asked me if there is something that I need to bring to the hostel like tupperware, or maybe some biscuits and cakes. I am happy when she asked that :'D And dad asked me if I want to change my laptop to the new one, and yeah I already got it and gave the old one to my sister. Maybe because I was the first born child and I get everythings new haha. But that makes my parents put all of the hopes on me. And In Shaa Allah everything will be okay. Amin.

I am so so so afraid with my PSPM 1 result that will be announce on December 17th which is another 28 days to go. I don't really want to make my parents sad and mad to me because of my result, and I don't want to get kicked out from the matriculation. It's okay if I didn't achieve the target but seriously getting kicked out is one of the nightmares! Physics, hm. Maybe it will be the one that ruins my result and I hope not so 😭 Good luck to myself.

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