First Semester Break
Friday, November 13, 2015 5:49 PM 0 pink panda(s)
Hi there, it is already 2 a.m. in the morning.

I just want to go back to home but suddenly I felt really bored here. And I think I'm gonna 'mereput' during this holiday. And then back to the hell exactly on November 22nd. Gosh for God's sake I really hate that place very much. But I trusted myself that studying in KML will give many sweet memories with friends and lecturers.

Talking about KML, I just finished my first semester examination on November 4th, and continued my muet examination on November 7th where was my horrible birthday on the same date. And haaa I just wanna cry. I did my best for mathematics, chemistry, english and biology but not for physics! I don't even know what did I answer on the paper and like why the hell I didn't even know how to answer the first question and I look at the guys at my both sides and they were having fun answering the questions and I sacrificed like I'm gonna die after that examination and hmmm. I ended it up with crying on the phone. I stayed up all the night and see what I got? THIS IS SO SUPER RIDICULOUS!

I just think sometimes parents decision is the best even we didn't like it. Actually at first I want to enter module II but my mom forced me to not to take that module because she wants me to take biology. And I'm so grateful that I followed what she asked and maybe if I didn't, I will dieeee because facing physics all of my life with an extra subject which is science computer. I just heard from my modul III friends who took science computer and they said some of the topics were hard and need to memorize a lot of terms, maybe related to the ICT? I don't even know about that lol, so... I think science computer is maybe hard too? One of my roommates is a modul II student and she said she was really regret for taking modul II but I think she is more relax than us haha. She said science computer got too many tasks and assignments to do. *smirks*

Today, I went to the clinic to meet the dentist. I am totally scared and goosebumps like I'm gonna poop where ever I am lol. Luckily, my teeth didn't be alienated(?). If not, maybe I cannot smile brightly anymore hahaha. The dentist said I need to control myself from eating a lot of sweets and ice cream. Aishh, ice cube is my favourite! Hmm, whatever. That's all I wanna say. Bye.

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