17th July 2014
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As you already know, there was a tragedy happened on that day. Yepp, the tragedy that had be fallen to MH17. Al-fatihah for them and let them rest in peace. Amin...

However, 17th July might be a special day for some people. One of my friends was celebrating her birthday on that day.



As usual, after 'berbuka puasa' I will have a class on 8 in every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was not in a good mood on that day because I'm too tired and many people asked me to 'this' and 'that and blablablaaaa~ Maybe I should rest for a while before go to the class.

My sister will usually send me to the school by my motorcycle XD Well, I'm very afraid to go there alone because it's too dangerous. Yaa, you know what haha lol. But after that, my moto- doesn't want to move aishhhh and then I'm getting moody too much!


After my mom sent me to the school, I wish that there's no more trouble that make me bad mood again. Unfortunately, I saw my place fulled with flour... The desk, and the chair~ yaaa =..= I know that they were celebrating Hasnita's birthday and have fun too much until the place was like having a snow day. I was very mad and can't controlled myself. I won't talking to the other friends and kept cleaning my place. My hand was too dirty and I think I should wash it, hmm... I was going to wash my hands at the- I don't know why if I see from the class, the place was not that dark. But after I go there, it makes me goosebumps yahhh! It's too creepy but I just didn't care about that because I was too mad lol. Actually I was afraid a little bit but my feet kept walking to the place :v I don't believed that the ghosts are exist, but satan is. After I went back to my class, I saw 'Rosam' was walking in front of me and entered the class, maybe he was late, I thought.

Around 9, while we're making our works and discussed about chemistry topics, suddenly there were a lot of dogs bark non-stop and it's not sounded normal, it's creepy .__. We stopped talking and look to each other.

Sir : Why do you all suddenly silent?
Asmira : It's... creepy...

she said.


On the next day, everyone started to talk about 'last night's'. Actually everyone had a strange feeling of that. 
Nahhh, the story has already begun.

Viannie : When I saw Alwi entered the class, I suddenly caught a black figure walked behind him. But I'm just quiet.

Akma : Well, I cried and screamed last night because I saw a girl who was hanging herself at the flagpole.

Asmira : When the dogs bark exactly on 9, I had a strange feeling of that and felt that there's someone at the back door who was looking at us. Azrul asked me if there's someone there and I said (sorry I'm forgot about that haha XD maigadd)

Atiqah : The moment when we're focusing on a question that was totally hard, I looked at the outside class and saw a white figure that walked from the back door to the front door. I also saw 'that one' at the rooftop of 4 Science/5A.

Efron : When Johnny, Sir Peter and I walked to the class, suddenly there's a strong wind blows on us but we didn't care about it.

Edelyn : I didn't believe that I saw a white figure sat on the 'dataran' but yes, she was there.

Rafiqah : I falled when walking up the stairs because my toe hits something 'hard'?

I called Alwi just now and asked for his story and yeahhh he never tell other people about this.

Alwi : Do you remember when the wind blows? Yepp I really felt that there's someone at the back door. It's really bigger than me. And it was looking to each of us. It wanted the one who had low spirits(?). At first, it was at the back door, and then it moved to the front door which is at your place and Viannie's. I saw it was looking at Ayien, and then Hasnita. Because someone was called him, yes Asmira mentioned about it, she asked Azrul if there's someone at the back door, right? So it came. Then I saw it's walking to the next class at the window which is placed to Syaqina's desk. It looks everyone at 'your line' but seems you guys didn't realise that. And it moved to our cabinet for the last time. I feel relieved that it didn't enter our class.

And I'm too shocked because...

...Rosam didn't come at the night. I don't know why I didn't realize about that. I feel like want to knock my head lol. Maybe because of tired hm~


My teacher suddenly found a an 'appearance' in these photos.


._. Umm, I just think that Sir Peter knew about it but he just keep it silence, maybe. Well, we shouldn't play and have fun too much at 'their places', 'they' will warned us as we're.

Have a nice dream...

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