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I was planning to make a post since two weeks ago but too lazy to type lol.

Do I like university life?

Actually, not really sureeeee, since I just arrived here 3 months ago. It’s was kinda tough. Tougher than matriculation. Plus, meeting some new people is not easy.

During matriculation, everything was being prepared by the matric system, where is our schedule was totally packed, but everyone is still sitting in the same class. But during university, you have to separate with the others for certain subjects, which means you have to make your own schedule. I REPEAT, YOUR OWN SCHEDULE. It’s kinda tiring, because it’s like a ‘first come first serve’ type of system. If you’re a bit late, you might be ended up chose the subject that you don’t like.

(spent a lot of money here in Seoul Garden with le roommate lol)

Furthermore, the budgets that I used is higher than I spent in matriculation. If you spend RM5-RM7 daily in matriculation, then probably you spend RM10-RM14 daily in university, which means it is twice than usual. Well, I’m talking about the budget for foods, ONLY FOR FOODSSSSS DUDE, FOR FOODS. Everything is expensive here HAAA. What about the books and other fees? lol if you’re entering the university, money is very important, ALLLLL THE TIME. So be prepared. Start to collect a lot of money starting from today (for those who will enter the uni). They will ask you for money anytime soon, for books, faculty’s fees, lab coats and so on.

How about the dress code? I like how it works. We can wear anything we like. Like if I have only one class in a day, I just wear a t-shirt and jeans lol I’m not a type of person who dress nicely to impress other people. Just wear anything that makes you comfortable. That’s even better! Do not need to wear Baju Kurung all day long, like what we did in matriculation. Well, you are free to wear what you want!

The subjects? Actually I LOVE MY COURSE. Everyone is nice though. The lecturers are quite friendly. The seniors are sporting. There is no regret for choosing this path. It proved me wrong after I study here. I love how we study about chemistry every day. But god please, I was shocked a bit, why do we need to take other optional subjects like Titas (which is looking like sejarah) and blabla like I took Analisis Sosial and why do we have to take the subjects huh? Luckily it was fun enough for me. But quite tougher because for every subject, there is a lot of presentations and quizzes and midterms and final exam, to do. Huh, that’s tired enough.

Oh, it hurts me a lot when I met my chemistry lecturer during matriculation. He recognized me because I am one of his students who always got lower marks during matriculation semester 1. But I proved to all people that I can get an A for chemistry in semester 2 because why not lol. He asked me, "what course did you take?". "Industrial Chemistry," I replied. Then he makes a weird expression and rubbed his hair like 'what seriously?' acts. LIKE WHYYYYY, AM I TOO BAD IN CHEMISTRY? I'M JUST LAZY THAT TIME, I MEANT IN SEMESTER 1. Everyone can change. Everyone can be better. Bad in one thing doesn't mean we are bad at that thing foreverrrrrr. Gosh, I'm tired with this kind of people who always look down on other people.

(groupmates as well)

Actually, I joined KI’s family day last sunday, it’s from my course. It’s quite fun! I enjoyed myself a lot lol. I realised there is a lot of Chinese seniors in Year 2, and they are handsome (BAHAHA!) and the girls are pretty~ and sporting lololol. We won a lot of prizes lol I meant my group. I didn’t expect this but congratulation for everyone for the hardwork yeay~!, eventhough we’re still in awkwarddddd friendships~

Oh and I like my kokum subject(?) lol. Eventhough it stressed out here, but I managed to spend my time on drawing, erm I mean painting. It is fun and relaxing, but sometimes stressing too lololol~ Because sometimes my paintings didn’t turn out well urgh. HANCUR DUH! I realised that I’m not a good artist, LOL NOT GOOD ENOUGH to be called as an artist, I mean I realised that I’m not good at these things, especially drawing and painting. I just hope everything will turn out well soon. I have another two paintings to be done. GODDDD PLEASE LEND ME THE BAKAT ONLY FOR THIS WEEK. HAHAHA greedy enough huh? Notlah, because I’m bad at this. *cries*

And to be honest, I got a lot of experiences here. The happiest one, the bad one (during presentation lol), the sad one, and the scary one lol. The happy experience is when my group and I did the last minute assignments (we changed every single detail in the last minute) but still got an A LOL. Only two groups out of 8 got an A, and that makes me happy. I meant we got a lot of troubles during completing the assignments because of something (cannot tell you guys because we decided to forget it), but still got an A. I was happy! Thank you for the hardwork guys! *cries* I also got a happy news where our organic chemistry lecturer told me that I can get an A for the final because of my carry marks. LOL I CANNOT FORGET WHAT HE SAYS. THAT IS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME HAPPY. Just need my hardwork for finals soon. Fighting!

The scariest one happened in my room, actually we're already changed the positions of our stuffs. It happens whenever I'm alone, or with my muslim roommate. The first one happened when we're watching some movies in silence. It was 11pm that time. Suddenly we heard someone knocked the window three times. We paused the movies and looking to each other. But I told her that was nothing. At first we tried to ignore it. I told her that might be some monkeys did it. But after a few minutes, we heard the knocks again. I stopped the movie that we're currently watch and tell her that I'm gonna check the window. And gosh there's nothing there! Our window is quite hidden, so it's impossible for the monkeys to go there, plus the trees are only up to the third floor. I closed the curtains and told her to ignore it. We heard it again later but we decided to just let it be lol, just ignore everything and continue watch the movie.

The second one was during magrib. When my roommate was praying, and I was sitting in the corner, arranging my stuffs there. Suddenly, we heard 'bunyi guli melantun' but I completely ignored it. It's really clear because the sound was louder than my plastik-plastik. Then, after my roommate prayed, she asked me "Husena, kau dengar ke bunyi guli melantun?". I answered, "Ya. Tapi aku biar ja. Kau jangan suka tegur hahahaha" and then she rolled her eyes lol. She likes to tegur these things and I always remind her to stop 'menegur' lol.

The third one is kinda creepy. It happened when I'm alone in the room. When I was sitting on my study table that are located on the opposite side of my roommates' (the Indian and senior's), I often hear a lot of noises, it is like a sound that 'someone' did that noises. Sometimes I hear a sound of opening a bottle cap, sometimes I hear a sound of someone climbing the upper bed, sometimes I hear a sound of nails cutting. Sometimes when I was lying on the bed, I talked to my 'roommate' because I heard a sound of 'someone' sitting of study table and the chair was pushed and pulled but no one answered my talk(?), then I decided to take a look, and NAH NO ONE WAS THERE ACTUALLY. I always don't realised if my roommates are going out or not because there are a lot of people come in and out everyday. I meant yeah everyday, actually it is quite annoying.

LOL seems I write a lot today, I don’t even know how to end this post. lol just bye. bye.

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